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Plastic Alternative innovation with Amwoodo

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In a world where sustainability has risen to be a pressing concern, the quest for alternatives to plastic has gained efficient momentum. The aspect of plastic pollution is one of the most concerning and alarming forms of pollution that has a heavy impact on environmental degradation. Plastic pollution is hazardous as it threatens the entire ecosystem and wildlife. The need of the hour is sufficed by organizations like Ours that only prioritize sustainable manufacturing and eco-friendly product generation that are beneficial in the long run and divert plastic. 

Let’s dig deeper into plastic alternative products, their necessity, and how Amwoodo diverts plastic products and aims to continue to do so to make a better planet for future generations. 

Why Do We Need Plastic Alternative Products? 

There is an urgency regarding plastic alternative products and this need of the hour is detrimental to the excessive plastic pollution on our planet. This rise in plastic pollution and it’s ending up in oceans as well as landfills makes an alternative imperative before it turns into a significant crisis. Moreover, as we adapt to the plastic alternative products, we are likely to discard the traditional plastic products that mitigate the environmental hazards. Moreover, as the alternative products are likely to be eco-friendly and bio-degradable, therefore they are also capable of promoting a circular economy. 

Plastic undoubtedly is a widely acceptable and staple material and thus it finds its place very comfortably in several industries. The two main aspects that plastic has turned into a popularised element is because of its versatility and affordability. However, as plastic is non-biodegradble, therefore it has its way of polluting like clogging the waterways and harming the marine life. Thus it makes it an urgent necessity to cater to these needs and introduce alternative products produced from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. 

Why is Bamboo an Efficient Plastic Alternative? 

Bamboo has gained an essential position in the plastic alternative domain because of its remarkable properties. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants and is categorized as grass. Moreover, its highly renewable and sustainable properties make it an effective replacement. The rapid growth of bamboo is one element that allows it to be a quick replenishment. This property of Bamboo is exclusive, unlike other timber sources. Thus using bamboo for the production of plastic alternative products is not an act of deforestation as the growth rate of bamboo multiplies after being cut. Moreover, it is also an eco-friendly and eco-conscious choice as it naturally breaks down over time and does not leave behind any harmful residue. 

Bamboo Products are also likely to store carbon for a longer period and can maintain a very low or zero carbon impact through the lifecycle of the product. Moreover, a bamboo forest area is capable of generating 35% more oxygen as compared to any other forest region. This makes Bamboo, not only a low-carbon industry but a complete carbon-negative industry. 

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Bamboo Innovation 

Harnessing the potential of Bamboo, a wide range of eco-friendly products can be created. By leveraging the natural properties of bamboo sustainable alternatives to plastic goods are being manufactured without resulting in any form of compromise on the quality and the performance. Bamboo as an ecological and natural resource can be extended and put into use in many variety products. Moreover, it has some additional properties such as a high tensile strength of 370 MPa and an elastic module is 20,000 MPa. These values are either comparable or higher than several types of steel, concrete, or other forms of wood. 

As the world collectively looks for ecological options and intends to adopt eco-conscious choices bamboo with newly formulated innovative techniques is an essential solution. For example, the recently developed bamboo clothing has antibacterial and UV absorption qualities used in bamboo clothing that is created using a characteristic of lignin in bamboo fiber. Apart from these, bamboo is also highly preferable in economic development and covers a wide range of human needs along with providing environmental protection. 

Eco-friendly Alternatives 

As we transition to eco-friendly products we see a reduction in the environmental impact and we are also able to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Bamboo-based products provide a viable solution for combating plastic pollution while at the same time, it also aligns with the principles of circular economy. Moreover, it is also through this aspect that we can collectively be a responsible consumer. Moreover, as we choose eco-friendly products, we can preserve natural resources and contribute to protecting ecosystems worldwide. 

Amwoodo’s Environmental Stewardship  

Amwoodo’s Environmental Stewardship journey has been the primary goal as creating a sustainable and social impact is one of the aspects that has been followed from the early stages of the organization. Here, we have a significant motive for plastic diversion, and in today’s date we have successfully diverted more than 284 Metric Tons of plastic waste in the future, we wish to divert at least 5% of the plastic products toward our industry. We have also put in an effort of afforesting more than 674 Acres of land. We manufacture biodegradable bamboo products to minimize environmental impact and also naturally decompose rapidly. Moreover, as we cultivate bamboo, we are minimizing water usage and producing chemical non-toxic products that are not only beneficial for the environment but also health of the masses.