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As we are progressing towards sustainability and wellness, switching to plant-based products for personal care is not just a trend anymore. We are now collectively making a conscious decision towards a healthier lifestyle and a greener planet.

From a myriad of available options, plant-based personal care products are remarkable because of their numerous benefits and especially eco-friendly properties.

In this blog let’s discover why plant-based eco-friendly and sustainable products are better and how they can make a significant difference in lifestyle and benefit you and the environment. We shall also see how Amwoodo is making an effort and contributing to changing the sustainable scenario and benefit the environment in the long run with bamboo and recycled neem wood products.  

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Plant-based Personal Care Products

Plant-based personal care products are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their perceived benefits for both health and also the environment. These products are generally made from plants, vegetables, and fruits instead of harsh chemicals that contain toxins. These products are also not synthetic or do not contain animal-derived ingredients. Plant-based products are generally not harsher on the skin and help in organically uplifting your skin, hair, or oral hygiene while at the same time benefitting the environment.

Choosing sustainable products also aligns with ethical standards and values such as being cruelty free and also does not compromise on veganism.

5 Reasons why Plant-based Personal Care Products are Better for You


Bamboo or Neem wood products are touted as some of the most sustainable materials that form the backbone of several personal care products. Unlike traditional plastic or synthetic materials, plant-based sustainable products are renewable and multiply, requiring minimal water and no pesticides for cultivation. By choosing these products, you reduce your carbon footprint and support a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Toxin Free

One of the main advantages of plant-based, sustainable, and eco-friendly products is that they are free of harmful toxins. Traditional personal care products made with plastic or synthetic materials as their major constituents are often seen to have additives that are harsher on the skin and detrimental to overall health. Instead, using products made out of bamboo or neem wood has a more holistic approach as they are naturally derived and gentler on the skin. Thus it is also an ideal option for people with sensitive skin.

Essential Compounds

Bamboo products that are made from bamboo extracts have rich essential compounds like amino acids, and flavonoids that act as antioxidants and in turn, protect the skin from oxidative stress. These essential compounds are also significant for protecting the skin from the Ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Another noteworthy aspect of natural plant-based eco-friendly products like bamboo and neem wood is that it has anti-bacterial properties. This property makes the product provide holistic care for skin and hair and also prevents from having infections. Products like toothbrushes, cleansing tools, combs, and towels are some of the plastic alternative personal care products that prioritize cleanliness without compromising on sustainability or eco-friendliness.


Anti-fungal properties of bamboo protect the skin from infections. These products made from natural plant-based extracts are also gentler on the skin. Thus for maintaining an effective hygiene routine, these products are essential and also sustainable in the long run.

How Amwoodo is Transforming Personal Care

Amwoodo has a range of Personal care products Bamboo toothbrushes, toothbrushes made of corn starch or wheat staw, recycled neem wood combs, wooden combs, bamboo shaving razors, body scrubs, ear swabs, skin and hair care products, tissue rolls, facial tissues, bamboo soap disc and other curated ancillary products.

All of these products are either made from naturally derived and extracted materials like bamboo fiber and bamboo pulp or recycled plant-based products like recycled neem wood or wheat straw made from wheat waste.

All of these distinct qualities are present in our products and thus take care of your skin, hair, wellness, and oral hygiene effectively.