Amwoodo: A New Age Plastic Alternative Initiative

Discover how Amwoodo leads with bamboo innovation, creating sustainable products and fostering eco-friendliness. Join us in embracing our commitment to social responsibility.

About Us


Become one of the leaders in the market for sustainable alternatives to plastics through Bamboo first products.



Mission 1

AMWOODO’s mission is to be the preferred ‘One-stop shop’ Bamboo first products provider to solve most dry amenities requirements for B2B and D2Cuse cases globally in the next 3 years, thoroughly enabled by in-house manufacturing and indigenized supply chain.

Mission 2

At Amwoodo, we are pioneers in the manufacturing of bamboo and sustainable products, driven by a profound commitment to reshape the future of environmentally conscious living. Established with a vision to provide sustainable alternatives to traditional materials, Amwoodo is at the forefront of the green revolution, crafting innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of the modern, eco-conscious consumer.

Mission 2

Our Core Values

Our core values collectively shape the identity of Amwoodo, guiding its actions, decisions, and interactions with stakeholders. They serve as a compass, aligning the organization with its purpose and helping to create a positive and sustainable impact.

Environmental Stewardship

We believe in the responsible and sustainable use of resources. Our commitment to environmental stewardship guides every decision we make, ensuring that our products contribute positively to the planet.

Innovation with Purpose

At Amwoodo, innovation is not just about creating something new; it’s about creating something with a purpose. We continually strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible, driving innovation that aligns with our mission of sustainability.

Ethical Practices

Integrity and ethical conduct are the cornerstones of our business. We prioritize transparency, honesty, and fairness in all our dealings, fostering trust with our customers, partners, and employees.

Community Engagement

We actively engage with and contribute to the communities where we operate. Our commitment to social responsibility extends beyond manufacturing, as we work to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

Continuous Learning and Growth

We believe in the power of continuous learning and development. Our employees are encouraged to grow both personally and professionally, fostering a dynamic and innovative workforce.

Our Core Purpose

“At Amwoodo, our core purpose is to lead the way in sustainable manufacturing, offering bamboo-first products that empower individuals and communities to make eco-conscious choices. We strive to inspire a global shift towards a more sustainable and harmonious relationship with the environment. Through our commitment to innovation, ethical practices, and community engagement, we aim to build a greener, more resilient future for generations to come.”

Amwoodo – Where Sustainability Meets Innovation. Join us on the journey to transform tomorrow.