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 Ethical Fashion Spotlight with Bamboo Textiles

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As sustainability is becoming increasingly vital in today’s world, bamboo textiles are getting popularised and revolutionizing the fashion industry. Bamboo textiles have the overall advantage of being fashionable, aesthetic as well as luxurious. However, apart from being stylish and comfortable, these textiles are beneficial for being eco-friendly and also make each consumer of bamboo textiles take a step towards subscribing to ethical fashion. The bamboo plant’s fibers are generally rounder and smoother and also bamboo plants are cultivated in a chemical-free way making them more susceptible to non-toxic and thus are beneficial for both health and largely for the environment. 

What is Ethical Practice in Fashion? 

Ethical practice in fashion is aimed at reducing the negative impact on the masses, animals, and the entire planet as a whole. The ethical practice of fashion resides in all strata of fashion production. It is deep-seated in design, labor, and materials. Ethical fashion as a practice is kinder to the planet and people in every step, that is from seed to garment. 

The fashion industry also demands ethical practices in wage division, child labor, animal cruelty, and environmental impact. 

As a flag bearer of sustainability and creating a larger social impact, Amwoodo practices ethical cultivation. Here, reskilling, providing credit facilities, and mitigating technological gaps are being practiced so that an overall standard of eco-friendly living is promoted. Moreover, Amwoodo is also concerned about wage gaps and thus curbs equality of income in rural areas of India. 

Before we delve into Amwoodo’s contribution, let’s dig into some facts about Bamboo Textiles. 

What is Bamboo Textile? 

Bamboo textile is a soft and plush fabric that is formulated by processing bamboo pulp into a fine yarn. The fibers obtained from bamboo plants are naturally smoother and rounder in nature in comparison to regular cotton. This characteristic of the fiber makes the fabric more comfortable when turned into textiles. The rounded fibers guarantee the fact that there is no irritation felt on the skin. Bamboo Fabric is made by first extracting cellulose from the plant and then the leaves are crushed and the inner pith is used for forming the bamboo pulp. The bamboo fibers that are extracted are then soaked in an enzyme solution. These treated fine yarns are then utilised for creating textiles. 

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Benefits of Bamboo Textile  

Apart from being an eco-friendly product and having a soft texture, several aspects make this material one of the most widely recognized materials that are beneficial for choosing an eco-conscious option in fashion and textiles. 


The bamboo plant is naturally anti-bacterial. The aspect of “Bamboo Kun” is the element that is responsible for the generation of the anti-bacterial agent in the material and this remains intact even in the textile form. This is an essential property that is needed for keeping the wearer fresh and cool. Moreover, it also prevents the formation of body odor. 

Moisture Wicking Ability 

There are tiny cross-sections in bamboo fibers that are likely to leave gaps in the textiles and thus are essential for absorbing the heat. Thus the garments that are made using bamboo textiles are essential for absorbing heat and preventing excessive sweating in summer. 


Bamboo textiles are smoother and rounder in nature and thus prevent irritation on the skin. Thus this is a much better and effective option for sensitive skin and also better for preventing allergic reactions. 

UV protection 

Bamboo Textiles are anti-static and thus they protect the skin from most of the harmful UV rays. 

Comfort and Durability 

Bamboo fibers have high elasticity and are softer. It is also seen to maintain its shape and resist abrasions from constant use. 

How does Amwoodo Contribute? 

Amwoodo is a manufacturer of high-quality bamboo products and Bamboo Towels are one of our essential products. We are not just manufacturers of bamboo products, we are also associated and deeply involved in creating a social impact with our ethical bamboo cultivation and manufacturing process. Our farmers are reskilled and trained with advanced and modern machinery so that they are capable of upgrading themselves and meeting the market standards. 

Amwoodo being solely dedicated to environmental stewardship caters to the ethical standards and practices in formulating bamboo textiles.