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4 Reasons to Introduce Your Child to Amwoodo’s Plantable Pencils

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Plantable pencils can be stated as an idea that promotes sustainability and environmental awareness most simply. It can also be called a fun and practical way to promote afforestation.

These pencils are carbon neutral and produce minimum waste and thus a good and fun way to introduce to your children. As a child grow, Pencils are one of the very first things that they are introduced to as they start going to school.

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Then why not make these very first learning sessions for children, not only fun but also an introductory lesson to environmental preservation? 

This will foster the awareness of sustainability as a norm to children from an early age.

In this blog let’s delve into how Plantable Pencils are made and how they benefit your child and the environment. Lastly, we shall also dig, into what Amwoodo is doing to contribute to your child’s and the Planet’s future.

What are Plantable Pencils?

Plantable pencils are completely eco-friendly products created innovatively to preserve the environment. These pencils have unique plantable features and are thus also known as “seed pencils” or “sprout pencils”. These pencils have plant seeds embedded in them and when the pencils are used up the pencil stubs with seeds wrapped in them in a recycled material which is usually a paper planted on the earth.

The idea is to upgrade the pencil and provide it with a second life as a plant that will sustain itself in the environment rather than deplete it.

4 Reasons to Introduce Your Child to Plantable Pencils

Introduction to Sustainability

As mentioned before, a pencil is one of the early learning companions of a child. As children start going to school, they require a pencil and several brands try to make these pencils fun for the children depending on colours and designs to make it look attractive to the child. However, if we provide plantable pencils to the children, they will be introduced to sustainability. Given the time and present condition, introducing sustainability to children as early as preliminary school years is an efficient purpose. The pencils when used up are planted on earth and thus the child is also introduced to the concept of circular utilization of resources and materials.

Environmental Preservation

Concepts like environmental preservation and environmental stewardship may seem comprehendible to children. However, if they are introduced to the child at an early age, they are introduced to waste minimization, afforestation, and sustainability. This will make them more aware. As we intend to create awareness and imply practices that make sustainability a norm, children are introduced to concepts, then children do not have to undergo the complete transition of adapting to plastic alternatives.

Waste Reduction

Plantable pencils are made from genuine unprocessed wood. The pencil sticks are often composed of sturdy insect-resistant wood in a pencil. Despite using intensive processing to prevent the wood from decomposing too quickly, these sticks are biodegradable. However, this does not constitute an effort to protect the environment.

Plantable seed pencils are a viable alternative that can reduce “micro” waste, encourage recycling, and promote planting activities.

Promote Afforestation

As pencils are used up, the seeds packed within the pencil’s stub are planted. Through this process, children are introduced to afforestation and then they gradually learn the importance of planting trees.

Why Plantable Pencils Are a Perfect Gift?

Plantable pencils are an ideal gift for children. It encourages children to engage in gardening activities while learning about healthy eating and becoming environmentally aware.

  •          It teaches children how to plant and grow seeds
  •          It helps them learn about their environment
  •          It inculcates positive behaviour in them

Amwoodo Invests in Your Child’s Early Learning of Sustainability

Amwoodo is committed to manufacturing eco-friendly products and envisions the path of sustainability in the long run promising a greener and a better future. At Amwoodo, we have plantable pencils with fenugreek seeds, sunflower seeds, and much more.

Apart from our manufacturing, we are also deeply inclined towards social impact and environmental stewardship. Our plantable pencils are our initiative to provide children with an early understanding of being sustainable and eco-friendly.