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Harmonising Hospitality: Amwoodo’s Collaboration and Trusted Partnership with Hospitality Industry

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The landscape of Today’s Hospitality industry is transforming at a fast pace. It is driven by awareness and internalizing sustainable changes. This shift is not just a mere trend but a strategic imperative. Businesses in the hospitality domain are recognising the significance of the preservation of the environment. It is under this context that sustainable partnerships are emerging as a cornerstone for enhancing responsible tourism and also inculcating change in the guest experiences. 

Why is Sustainable vision prioritized in Hospitality? 

Sustainable initiatives and sustainable vision are prioritized in the hospitality sector because of several factors. Aspects like maximum waste generation and maximized energy consumption are not environmentally friendly practices that also result in an increased carbon footprint. Thus implementing initiatives that align with global sustainability goals is essential. Introspecting the current demand for being eco-conscious, and taking sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives are necessary for a heightened brand reputation. 

Meeting the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) is yet another parameter that is required to be sufficed to meet the industry standards. In addition to this, sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives are necessary to attract eco-conscious customers. 

Among the many strategies that are implemented, incorporating bamboo products is one of the significant measures that is evident in the hospitality sector. As there is a requirement for bulk products in hotels and restaurants thus waste generation is also maximized as a result. Thus opting for bamboo products lessens the impact as it is completely bio-degradable and eco-friendly and thus does not impact the environment at the time of disposal. 

Amwoodo’s Trusted Partnership with Hospitality Sector 

Amwoodo’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the mere provision of products. We embody a philosophy of partnership and shared values. Through our collaboration with hotels and resorts, we tailor solutions that meet unique sustainability goals and match the aesthetic preferences of each property. Through close consultation and collaboration, Amwood helps hospitality businesses integrate bamboo products seamlessly into their existing infrastructure, ensuring a harmonious blend of sustainability and style. 

Over five years, we have partnered with several Hotels and Resorts and we are glad to have them as our trusted partners. 

Our trusted partners have been Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Pan Pacific, Park Royal, Hilton Hotels & resorts, Marriot International, Four Seasons Ibis Hotels, and several other prominent and significant names in the hospitality sector. Through strategic alliance and mutually sustainable goals, we have mutually benefitted and we at Amwoodo, hope to do so in the upcoming times. We are glad to have you all as our trusted partners. 

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Why our Partnership Matters? 

We, at Amwoodo are driven and committed towards initiating major social and environmental impact. Our bamboo manufactured products solves the greater purpose of empowering the farmers and artisans and in this time period, we have diverted more than 284MT of plastic waste along with fostering support for more than 400 farmers, more than 380 artisans and more than 20 entrepreneurs. 

Amwoodo also provides credit facilities to farmers and has revolutionised agriculture by providing modern machinery and embracing hydroponic techniques