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Explore Engineered Bamboo with Us at Amwoodo

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Bamboo is a versatile and eco-friendly resource in the domain of sustainable materials. The
rapidity in the growth of the plant and its renewable abilities makes it a preferred choice. The
engineered bamboo products range across various aspects. At Amwoodo, we cater to the
production of various ranges of products with the usage of engineered bamboo. We have a
range of engineered bamboo products like Framing systems, solutions for high-rise buildings,
and tableware. But before we get into the products and our innovation, let’s understand what
engineered bamboo is and why we need it.

What is Engineered Bamboo?
Engineered Bamboo is a set of composite products produced from bamboo and the process
that is followed enhances three aspects of the bamboo, its strength, its durability, and its stability
making it a good fit for application in construction. The engineered bamboo products are
generally used in flooring, wall panels, furniture, and structural elements in buildings.
Engineered bamboo is extracted from raw bamboo culms. These culms then through pressure
and heat formulate laminated composite followed by gluing together with structural parts.
There is a difference between traditional hardwood and bamboo products. Five essential
prospects are required for you to consider to realize the difference, Cost, Durability, Finish,
Sustainability, and Water Resistance Capacity.

As we compare the prices of Traditional Hardwood and Bamboo Engineered Wood, we can
see that the latter when used for flooring is much cheaper. Through an overall assessment, it is
realized that bamboo material is more cost effective.

In the case of durability, there is not much difference between Traditional hardwood and
Bamboo engineered hardwood as they are both incredibly durable. The difference however
can be fathomed through JANKA HARDNESS SCALE. This scale determines and discerns the
strength of a wood material by how hard it can sustain itself against a pressed steel ball.
Through this measuring scale, we can see that the rating for the hardness of bamboo is much

In the case of Finish, both traditional hardwood and bamboo engineered hardwood are likely
to attain a variety of finishes. However, cleaning each of them amidst refinishing is likely to be
executed with a mild soap mixture than with heavy duty wax cleaner. Both of these options are
utilised for flooring. However, with engineered bamboo wood, you get to contribute to

The specialty of engineered bamboo products is that the material is eco-friendly and a
completely renewable resource. This makes the manufacturing process sustainable and refrains
from making an environmental impact. On the other hand, in the case of traditional hardwood, it
becomes harder to cut the wood down, manufacture, and then recycle keeping in mind the
environmentally conscious way.

Water Resistance
In the case of engineered bamboo flooring or products, it is comparatively more water and
moisture-resistant than hardwood flooring. Moreover, aspects like warping and water damage
refrain from harming or damaging bamboo.

How Engineered Bamboo is Essential?
There are innumerable ways in which engineered bamboo can be advantageous to us.
Sustainability, Versatility, Cost Effectiveness, and cultural significance. Bamboo as a plant is
also beneficial because it causes Carbon Sequestration. This quality of the bamboo plant allows
it to absorb a significant amount of Carbon Dioxide and is thus environmentally beneficial.

Bamboo as a plant causes natural afforestation and grapes very frequently leading to no major
impact on environmental degradation. Engineered Bamboo also efficiently uses this renewable
material and reduces the reliance on traditional wood sources that take even longer to harvest.

Engineered Bamboo is not just comprehensive in strength and durability but is also versatile.
The versatility is the prime reason that it can be molded into a variety of applications. Bamboo
can be engineered into panels, boards, beams, and fibers followed by its utilization in furniture.
This material also exhibits high resistance to moisture and insects making it essentially suited
for outdoor functions.

Cost Effectiveness
Engineered bamboo products are a cost-effective alternative to the traditionally procured and
manufactured hardwood. This also benefits in maximizing bamboo usage because it is not
highly carbon-intensive and thus fosters mitigation of impact on climate.

Cultural significance
Bamboo has a high cultural significance in several parts of India. For centuries now, it has
significantly been a part of various aspects of daily life, culinary traditions, construction crafts,
and much more.

Where to Use Engineered Bamboo?
There is a wide range of applications of Engineered Bamboo. Engineered Bamboo has found a
prominent place in flooring, Furniture and Cabinetry, Architectural applications, and Outdoor
Decking as well.

Flooring with engineered bamboo does not compromise the aesthetic of hardwood and in
addition, brings to the forefront the benefit of bamboo material. For residential and commercial
purposes, it seems to be an ideal choice as it is also cost effective.

Furniture & Cabinetry
Panels procured out of Engineered Bamboo can be crafted into quality furniture and cabinetry
juxtaposing both decor and functionality. The amalgamation of traditional design and modern
sophistication to any interior.

Architectural Elements
From ceiling panels to wall cladding, bamboo-engineered wood is viable for several architectural
applications. The elements are necessitated in both interior and outdoor spaces with the natural
elegance that it has.

Outdoor Decking
Traditional wood decking can be altered majorly bamboo engineered hardwood. It provides a
more durable and weather-resistant alternative. The manufacturing is not a carbon-intensive
process and thus makes a lesser impact on environmental and climatic balance.

Embrace Innovation with Us
At Amwoodo, we are deeply passionate about Bamboo Innovation. With us, you will find
bamboo products that exemplify an accurate synergy between technology and nature and
provide unparalleled performance, aesthetics, and sustainability. Amwoodo invites you if you are
a homeowner, designer, builder, or architect to explore the many possibilities around bamboo
engineering and join us in shaping a greener world.