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Announcement! Our Latest Round of Seed-Funding

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We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey! We have secured our first seed funding that will propel us even further toward our mission of revolutionizing sustainable and eco-friendly products through innovation and dedication to excellence.

At Amwoodo, we have always believed in pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and driving positive change. This new injection of capital not only validates our vision but also empowers us to accelerate our growth, expand our reach, and deliver even greater value to our customers, partners, and stakeholders.

This funding round, led by Rainmatter Climate, underscores the confidence that the investment community has in our team, technology, and trajectory. Their support enables us to embark on the next phase of our journey with renewed vigor and determination.

So, what does this mean for you, our valued community?

It means that we will continue to innovate relentlessly, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and striving to exceed your expectations at every turn. It means that we will invest in our people, our technology, our research, and our capex to ensure that we remain at the forefront of it.

It also means that we will deepen our commitment to sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility, leveraging our platform and resources to drive positive change in the world around us.

To our customers, thank you for your unwavering support and loyalty. You inspire us to raise the bar higher every day and to deliver solutions that truly make a difference.

Our priority has always been to make an impact on society and curb equality of income in the rural areas of the nation. This support validates our journey and makes us more determined to continue making an impact. We sincerely hope that with this support we will continue with our revolution in making the planet better and healthier.

To our partners, thank you for your collaboration and trust. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, unlock new opportunities, and create value for our mutual stakeholders.

And to our team, thank you for your passion, dedication, and ingenuity. You are the heart and soul of Amwoodo, and it is your talent and hard work that have brought us to this exciting moment.

We are incredibly excited about the future that lies ahead. With this new round of funding, we are better positioned than ever to drive innovation, create value, and make a meaningful impact on the world.

We are incredibly grateful to SAMVEDANAM Consulting and Learning Solutions Private Limited, particularly Sunny Garg and Abhishek Chauhan, for their instrumental role in securing this funding round.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.